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Post Mortem Knives

Available in heavy duty carbon steel, our post mortem knives are individually V.C.I. paper wrapped. We supply highest quality knives for the ease of the users.

Blade numbers PM 40 & PM 40B are available in heavy duty Carbon Steel. Supplied non Sterile, individually wrapped in a V.C.I. paper. 10 pieces in a box.

Disposable Post-Mortem handles are availabel in blade nos. PM 40 & PM 40B.

BLADE NO. 60 & 70
Available in both carbon & stainless steel supplies sterile & non-sterile in a box of 100 pcs.

Post-Mortem Handle take blade nos. PM 40 & PM 40B, Handle No. 8 fit blade No. 60 & No. 70.